Prof. Dr. h.c. Jürgen E. Schrempp                    SAFRI Chairman

New global challenges and the increasing global economic importance of the growth of southern Africa as the region of the future, underpin the relevance of the continued expansion of economic relations between Germany and the countries of southern Africa. Shaping these relationships based on our strategic mission statement of co-operation, dialogue and partnership - in the best interests of all partners so that a bridge for people and markets is established - is the goal of the Southern Africa Initiative of German Business – SAFRI.

The responsibility associated with this partnership, does not only relate to the strengthening of trade and investment of German business with and in the region, but also to our support in local capacity building through the transfer of technology and know-how. As a reliable partner, and bearing this responsibility in mind, German business engages in manners that strengthens sustainable development processes.

With my colleagues from the SAFRI supporting organizations, I am confident that our commitment to this region of the future will be worth it - politically, economically and humanely. Now is the time to become active in southern Africa!

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